Generation Z and Millennials, the digital natives, are voracious consumers of media. Video is increasingly important for advertisers to reach a growing audience and communicate their brand message. PRESENCE® delivers video content for advertising campaigns, startup and crowdfunding demos, product launches, event promotion and social care.

Corporate Profile

Corporate video production plays a crucial role in the success of your business. Corporate videos are used to communicate your brand with your clientele, promote corporate culture, recruitment of new employees, announce new products and product updates or promote your company through telling the history of your business. A well-executed company profile video is a versatile corporate tool.

Training & Development

Business success depends on a skilled workforce. Employees who go through internal development come out with the tools to be more effective and productive. Whether your focus is on enhancing safety & compliance, performance, product knowledge, brand image or educational learning, we support our clients in delivering their messages through product how-to videos and custom learning modules.

Music / Artists

Encapsulate who you are as an artist or band when seeking press coverage of a release party or major show, submitting music for placement or licensing, arming yourself for a music conference or increasing your online presence. PRESENCE® offers a way for artists to connect with their fans and gain media exposure through music videos and EPKs.

Social Care

Consumers are actively voicing their opinions, questions and concerns more than ever before. We support our clients in achieving their goals for improving customer satisfaction and brand image through providing approved media solutions for their digital channels; bridging the gap between once differentiated customer service and marketing solutions.



Event Coverage

Event coverage is as important as the event itself. PRESENCE® will extend the impact of your next event with our event video production services. Show your engagement with customers through testimonials, enthusiasm for your brand through product demos and increased awareness through Q&A sessions. Promote and amplify your event coverage while building momentum for your cause.